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Here's what changed in this update (, released on 21st Feb 2023)
  1. Chrome has been updated from v103 to v110 now
  2. VERY IMPORTANT fix regarding use of webcams in Chrome. As you might have experienced, if a webcam is already in use by some other app (eg a Splitter or OBS) but if you wanted to also use the WebEncoder in some website, on some PCs the browser would have failed at the step when you where asked to choose a camera. I've successfully changed some internal chrome-code to fix this issue (which btw exists also in Firefox, Opera, Edge, Brave, etc).
  3. AutoLogin and Earnings detection for ManyVids
  4. AutoLogin, Earnings and PayPerMin management for CamModelDirectory
  5. Fixed autologin in YouTube accounts
  6. Upgraded internal LovenseExtension from 30.5.0 to 30.5.4 (latest on their site)
  7. Fixed a crash regarding some API communication with your portal (regarding Articles query)
  8. Some changes on earnings detection in regards of multi-session technology. Internally it's saved now if the earnings detection came from a model who was online or from a trainer/admin who navigated her website instead from the office
  9. Some changes on Chaturbate's earnings detection. Seems in some studios, earnings pages reported a "too many requests" error, thus i've increased the timeout between pages to avoid this in future
  10. Many changes to the multi-session technology that exists in the product. About this, I will talk separatelly, bellow.

About the Multi-session technology + its session-in-the-cloud feature

What it is: it is a functionality I've created that allows ONE user using ONE browser to be simultaneously loggedin in multiple accounts of a same website. For example, if we take Facebook as example, you can login in more than one FB account now using Camerolla. Basically you would have a TAB (or group of tabs) for one account, other TAB(s) for the 2nd account, etc.

Usability: this functionality should be very handy especially for trainers/admins, because they can now keep multiple accounts opened, without the need to logout and relogin in order to check something on some other account.Furthermore, this could be very handy for Creators Agencies. Such agencies use sexters (instead of models) who literally use multiple accounts of a same website in their shift and type messages/etc.

The cloud feature. The very cool feature added to it is that now an account's session gets to be saved in your cloud (your portal). How it works... well, it's crazy, but in short:
  • first time user connects to a website, if will perform authentication (if no auth session exists already in cloud. Otherwise, session will be restored)
  • after successful auth, session gets stored locally in the browser. When the model closes Camerolla, then it is the time when the session gets sent to the cloud (i've also implemented some browser idle detection to send the session, but this was not heavily tested yet)
  • when the user opens Camerolla again next day, session gets "synced", and she doesn't need to login again, as data is already there, synced (except for the case when she returns after too much time and session expires meanwhile as per each site's policy)
  • etc
Benefits of cloud feature:
  • without need to relogin, users don't need to fillin the annoying captcha everytime (as it happens on BongaCams, Stripchat, Cam4 for some countries, OnlyFans, etc etc etc)
  • especially for OnlyFans case (as they might flag accounts for face verification when logging-in), this is crucial feature and this is the reason why OnlyFans agencies use apps such as GoLogin or Infloww or others, which are extremely expensive.
  • less time spending on opening a website, because you skip waiting till login happened
  • also a good thing for premium YouTube accounts which can be "shared" for a whole-studio. In case you'd want to have such a premium YT account for your entire studio, let me know and I will tell you what needs to be done to achive this.
  • take the scenario when the model loggedin in some site, then went home or something. Then some trainer opens her site, and gets loggedin automatically, very fast, because sessiion data existed in cloud already, etc.
Tests I've made: I've tested this combined multi-session technology and also the cloud-feature of session data on all websites that we officially support, and it's working nicely now, as lots of bugs I've fixed in what I released ~3 weeks ago.However, on some websites restoring the session is not working becuase that is how the websites have been built. And here we have XLoveCam - who has browser-session cookies (which are invalid once the browser closes), AdultWork. On other websites, I've tested it for days and works very nice, such as BongaCams, CamContacts, Cam4, Cams (streamray), Chaturbate, Camsoda, CherryTV, CamModelDirectory, ePlay, Flirt4Free, ImLive, LiveJasmin, LoyalFans, ManyVids, MyFreeCams, OnlyFans, SecretFriends, Streamate, Stripcat, Swag, XLovecam, YouTube, etc.

ATENTION though!The cloud feature is initially disabled for everyone, because despite I'm very smart, I don't have a studio to test this feature LIVE, in a real life scenario. I've made thousands of tests myself, alone, in my office... but what if something went bad somewhere.If ANY of you want to test this feature, please let me know and I will enable the feature for you. The only thing that could be bad is that for some model to receive cookies of some other model account... In theory this should NOT happen, but what if. So if you'll choose to test this feature, I will guide you on how to proceed in this case and I will monitor what is happening. If it will pass tests with few of you guys, they I will probably enable it to everyone so that all of you can benefit from it.

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