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Here's what's new in (probably) the last release of this app which is still based on Chrome v103
  1. It seems that the flag we re-enabled at a client's request a while ago (WindowsMediaFoundation) is actually causing issues with selecting webcam when ANY webcam is already in use by other apps (or tabs). This being said, the WindowsMediaFoundation is again disabled by default in the browser, to ensure proper functionality again.
  2. It was really hard work, but I successfully implemented a new technology in order to support multi-sessions ❤❤❤❤. My previous implementation was okeish, simple (i like things simple)... and lots of you were happy about it, but it seems it had some issues and that is why it was removed previous release. Now, after more research and few hundred hours of work, I've implemented a new technology in this browser that allows it.
    BUT even more... a website's authenticated-session gets now saved to your portal, so next time when you will open the same website, the app will simply re-use your authentication data, without the need to login again. This means that on most websites you will not have to fill-in captcha again eachtime you login, etc.
    P.S. This opens the door to more opportunities for OnlyFans agencies 👀, meaning that more sexters could use the same creator's session in paralel - without needing to relogin/etc (except if session expires at some point, which is supposed to happen at times)
  3. Fixed authentication issues on some websites (such as Camsoda or CamContacts) as I've discovered it was damaged (though nobody reported it back)
  4. In OBS multi-rtmp we added the NEW TARGET button that you can use if you want to also restream to websites that we don't officially support by default. Initially we didn't wanted to allow users this option because opens the door to distributing the library to unwanted 3rd parties, but... let it be.
  5. In OBS settings, now you have a 4th option. It happened that a few clients want to use XSplit or their own OBS, so they don't want our builtin functionality, and of course, everyone is free to use whatever they want. So, when you configure options for camsites, you are allowed to choose one of the following 4 options:
  • do nothing - use this option if you don't want any intteraction from our app (so your model can choose herself if wants to use WebEncoder or your own OBS or XSplit or whaever you have)
  • our dedicated OBS - means that for a camsite, the browser will open a unique OBS (so you can have multiple OBS instances running at the same time)
  • our OBS in Multi-RTMP technique - for having 1 OBS from which you re-stream to other websites when needed
  • force WEB encoder - use this option if you want to force the web encoder (where possible). For example on chaturbate, when the model will go online, if she clicks the "external streaming" button, whe will be redirected back to web-encoder right away.
 After this release I will focus on upgrading the Chrome to (probably) version 109.After that, more plans are on table

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