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Why earnings are not always being detected correctly

Camerolla's earning detection works best if the following conditions are met:
  1. the model uses the app and keeps the websites opened (because the earnings detection is happening only when a website is opened, otherwise there is no detection happening)
  2. the Windows on the computers is installed in English. Country can be set to user's location, but the Windows must be in English. Some websites show-up data in the user interface according to user's timezone and currency settings (for example, 1,354 could mean 1 point 354 or could mean 1 thousands 354, depending on PC settings).
  3. the browser's settings should also be default
  4. each website should better BE in English language. If the model changes its interface in some other language, detection will most probably fail. For example xlovecam, if you use ES as language, all earnings will have a different interpretation in the UI. Take a look at my 2 attachments so you can see yourself how things look like in different languages.

For example:
  • in Spanish, a date is *15/03/24* , earned value is *0,47 €* (using COMMA as decimals separator)
  • in English, the date is *3/15/24* or "15/03/2024" and the earned value is *€0.47* (using DOT as decimals separator)

Camerolla DOES NOT interpret user's interface language. We cannot make it "work" for all websites in their all possible languages and "specifics".

Now, about the detected earnings (as they are), there are 2 things:
  • the day's earnings --- which means that 1st march is 1st march of stripchat, of streamate, of chaturbate... according to their timezones AND NEVER 1st march of the model's country.
  • the shift's earnings, which is a SUM of detected earnings in the shift's timeframe: START and END date. What does it mean is that the shift started at 07:12:22 and ended at 19:22:22 ... whatever earnings have been discovered in this timeframe are SUMMED and BELONG to that shift. But a trainer can manually change the earnings after the model left the studio (or loggedoff) and those correction will never fix the shift's SUM of values.

In theory, the data that exists in the first table (the one with the period's days) should match the total earnings as per each website. If doesn't:
  • either the app wasn't used continuously and some earnings are missing
  • either the model received offline earnings after her last login
  • either the PC's settings (language/etc) are not standard / default and thus the detection is faulty.
  • either the model has changed website's language from English to some other language

Hope this topic will make some things clear for your business.

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