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Settings (part 2) - the contracts
Hello guys,

In this video you will learn how to configure the contracts that can be digitally signed via this software:
  • the Company-to-company contract (LTD to LTD) - which is a Services-type of contract
  • the Artist contract (Authorship Rights of an Artist)

Here's the video we've prepared for you, to learn about all the above:

Today I've released an update and now the contracts can be also applied to STAFF persons and also to RECRUITER AGENTS.

The MENU will be a little different now, but somehow easy to understand:
[Image: more-to-contracts.jpg]
  1. in first 2 positions, you have the Services contract (LTD to LTD) and the Authorship rights contracts for your PERFORMERS
  2. Where i've rounded in red and wrote (2), there are 2 contract types for your staff persons
  3. and last, starting with "R - ", the contracts (LTD to LTD and intermediation) for your Recruiter agents.

The same rules apply for all the above persons exactly like they applied for models. In means that the person needs a contract ID/number, a date, and appropriate payment settings filled-in and this way, the person will be forced to sign the contract before using the platform (exactly like the performers)

Good luck!

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