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Online/Offline detection is NOT working correctly on some computers
This is a topic that has raised many discussions over the years.
Detecting if a model is ONLINE can be done in only a few ways:
  • detection of keyboard and/or mouse activity --- which is not good because models are most of the time dancing/speaking, so this method fails
  • detection if various TABs in the browser are activated or not and if there's activity on them - fails because some sites have dedicated apps (such as Jasmin or F4F or others) and more-over, even if a site is open on some page, it doesn't necessary mean that the model is actually online on that site. And implementing a per-site "detection" is impossible
  • speaking with various site's Affiliate programs - which SHOULD report-back if a model is online or not. This method also fails because the data is mostly "not live" (but cached, 1 minute on average), not all the sites have such an affiliate program implemented and even if all would do, they are all different and constantly changing due to changes in the industry, and it would fail in a day-by-day usage scenario
  • monitoring the UPLOAD speed on model's computer. If does some upload, means that the model is streaming (dooh) and this is the solution we've chosen, despite it still raises some issues.

So, Camerolla uses the last method: measuring internet UPLOAD speed PER SECOND. Considering that most sites are doing HD resolutions, an upload speed of AT LEAST 15kb/sec means that the model is online, while less than that, she is offline.
You may wonder WHY i chosen the 15kb/second ... well that is because there are some websites which use RTC and high-compression algorithms where the upload is (believe me or not) as low as that.

Measuring the upload speed on a PC is a perfect solution BUT it still has some "hacks" (or issues).
For example, a model can keep streaming using OBS to some website BUT in real she is offline and smoking or whatever...
Unfortunately, the app itself cannot verify if the model is "for real" really streaming... if she discovered this "small issue" into tricking the system, i guess its good that you still have trainers/admins in your studios who monitor them --- and for such a case, there's a FORCE BREAK button inside camerolla, which will set a break for the model, despite if she actually is still streaming in OBS.
There is a situation that can happen on ANY Windows computer.... when the detection of UPLOAD speed is problematic and erroneous.
If you discover that models who use a PC in some room are reported with weird online/break times, it might be that Windows OS is reporting faulty data back to Camerolla.

Now, to explain this a bit. Camerolla CANNOT detect by itself via magic how much upload is the model doing in various apps. Its impossible. Camerolla asks Windows: "hey Windows, what is the current upload speed per second?". And Windows responsds back to Camerolla: "Hey, this PC is currently doing 12432kb/sec upload".

Camerolla can never detect if what Windows is responding is correct information or not. But it is known in the industry that the "performance counters" of Windows might get broken at some time, and that is why there are guides on the internet about how to fix this. Of course, the fastest and most reliable method is a fresh install of windows

To resolve the performance counters manually, please follow this guide:The counters may be disabled via registry settings. Check the following registry locations to ensure that the counters haven't been disabled:
%servicename% represents any service with a performance counter. For example: PerfDisk, PerfOS, etc.

There may be registry keys for DisablePerformanceCounters in any of these locations. As per the article Disable Performance Counters, this value should be set to 0. If the value is anything other than 0 the counter may be disabled.Rebuild all performance counters including extensible and third-party countersTo rebuild all performance counters including extensible and third-party counters, type the following commands at an Administrative command prompt. Press ENTER after each command.
  • A value of 1 means the counter is disabled.
  • A value of 2 means the 32-bit counter is disabled.
  • A value of 4 means the 64-bit counter is disabled.
  1. Rebuild the counters:
    Quote:cd c:\windows\system32
    lodctr /R
    cd c:\windows\sysWOW64
    lodctr /R
  2. Resync the counters with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI):
  3. Stop and restart the Performance Logs and Alerts service.
    Quote:Get-Service -Name "pla" | Restart-Service -Verbose
  4. Stop and restart the Windows Management Instrumentation service.
    Quote:Get-Service -Name "winmgmt" | Restart-Service -Force -Verbose

For a full guide about how to fix the counters, go to

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