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New BETA app, 9 october 2021
Hello dear friends,

Today I'm letting you know that, in the newest BETA that is yet to be released, I've added new important and spectaculaer features that you might find really really useful.
On short, the software comes with a few features (that I will later detail and explain in replies to this topic):
  1. Automatic configuration of the configured MULTI OBS sites. On short, what you configure as MULTI in the camerolla://welcome page, will be exactly what you also see in the Multi-OBS feature of OBS. And this process is automatic.
  2. The Camerolla browser will now detect each site's specific OBS streaming parameters, and will configure OBS automatically. This said, will detect things such as RTMP server path and key, and will configure OBS for you automatically.
  3. Also, the browser will start and stop streaming in OBS automatically.
  4. Aaaaaaand, live detection of tipping (and othher features such as gifts or toy-actions) - in order to reflect this in the known visual effects from OBS
Stay tunner, will come with details soon!
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