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Howto manually add Lovense extension to Camerolla
Hello guys,

Its been years with the previous versions of the Lovense extension which worked like a charm, but recently the guys at Lovense have made some changes to the extension so that I AM NOT ABLE to provide it pre-installed anymore and also the automatic login inside the extension will not work anymore.

But what is important is that I thrive to give you solutions to use it. So here is a guide about how to do this (though they also have a guide on their website aswell, most probably better than this that I created).
  1. First, please download the extension (that I also modified a little, in case they will respond to my request to make some changes to re-enable automatic login inside it). Here is the link for download:
  2. After you have downloaded the ZIP file, extract its contents somewhere on your PC, in a location that will not be deleted by accident by models or whatever
  3. After this, please follow the steps which are better described by the images bellow, since its easier to explain the process like this:

[Image: step1-goto-extensions-to-enable-developer-mode.png]

P.S. The address in that bar is chrome://extensions - that is where you manage your installed extensions from camerolla.
P.S.2. If you already have the previous Lovense extension installed there, please remove it first, as you will later add the newest one.

[Image: step2-click-load-unpacked.png]

[Image: step3-pin-the-extension.png]

Thanks alot for your input and support.
In case in future the guys at Lovense will make changes so that their extension could also be used as a CRX file, I will make updates to bring back the previous way of doing things, but to be honest, I never had a good communication with them and they are unlikely to respond to my requests.

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