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First run of Camerolla CHROME Browser

In this topic, I will cover the initial configuration of Camerolla, after you've installed it.

The first time you open Camerolla, the browser will navigate to chrome://welcome - a special page designed to help you configure the app.
Here's how it initially looks like:
[Image: 0-01-first-welcome-screen.JPG]
So, in this first step, you will have to configure your WEB panel's URL.
If your website is (as in my example), then you will have to configure the url there as you would do when navigating to your site, just type and then press Save it button.
Atention: in your case, don't use, but instead, use your real panel's URL.
After you've pressed Save it button, the browser will notify you it needs to restart, as you can see in this next picture.
After it restarts, you can click "Let's go" button, to start configuring it.
[Image: 0-02-setting-url.JPG]
This step here is optional, and we believe it will only be used by staff persons in the studios (since we totally recommend that they also use this browser when at work).
[Image: 0-03-importing-bookmarks.JPG]
In this step, you will configure how to use OBS and for which website(s).
[Image: 0-04-configuring-obs.JPG]
As you're (probably) already familiar with the previous software, for OBS you have 3 options:
  • NONE - if you don't want to use it for that particular website
  • DEDICATED - if you want to have a unique OBS app for that website
  • MULTI-STREAM - if you want to use a shared OBS for more than 1 site, to save CPU usage (but please note that we only recommend it for few websites, such as (in alphabetical order): BongaCams, Cam4, Cams, Camsoda, Chaturbate, Cherry, Flirt4Free, LiveCamMates, MyFreeCams, Streamate, Stripchat and XLoveCam
After you've made your choices, we advise you to press the "Start this OBS" button for each website, in order to make sure that OBS settings (especially such as web camera and microphone) are configured.
We will have a separate topic about how to configure OBS soon.

Here's a photo showing how OBS gets started when you've clicked "Start this OBS" button:
[Image: 0-04-configuring-obs-obs-clicked.JPG]
In this next step, we tell you about the integrated AdBlocker already embeded in the browser.
Though we encourage you to keep it enabled, in case it is found to cause issues, you can disable it from this page.
[Image: 0-05-info-about-adblocker.JPG]
And last, a configuration page that is (probably) going to be used only by staff people...
From here, you can change the default search engine in the browser.
The default search engine is Google. However, people are starting migrating to DuckDuckGo or other services, due to concerns regarding privacy and stuff.
So, feel free to do whatever you want Smile
[Image: 0-06-default-search-engine.JPG]
At the end, click DONE button, to start using the browser.

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