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Full Version: Login error - must sign contract
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The first time a model account logins in the app, if the model didn't yet signed the electronic contract, will be asked to sign the contract before being able to use the app.

Camerolla will respond with a message about this error, and will also open a new tab page with the model's contract, so the model can sign it (see in photo 2 in this post).
[Image: 0-02-login-asked-to-digitally-sign-contract.JPG]
As you can see in the photo, a new tab page has already oepend.
In that new tab page, the model will have to:
  • first, accept the GDPR terms
  • second, read and digitally sign the contract
[Image: 0-02-login-asked-to-digitally-sign-contract-01.JPG]
[Image: 0-02-login-asked-to-digitally-sign-contract-02.JPG]